Why Triffic Uses Ardor Blockchain Technology

January 13th, 2020

One of the main reasons why so many blockchain-based projects have failed is because the projects tend to spend a disproportionate amount of time and budget to create their own blockchain to the detriment of everything else.

Child chains on the Ardor Platform have a large number of ‘baked-in’ features which means that it is not necessary for us to reinvent the wheel. Triffic is an app that uses blockchain technology as a component in what it does. It is not a blockchain development company.

Coinerz Group Pte Ltd, the parent company of Triffic, already has a deal with Jelurida, the blockchain development company behind Ardor, to create and manage our child chain.

As the developers of Ardor, and its predecessor Nxt, Jelurida are widely known as one of the most experienced – and well-funded – teams in the blockchain industry, having been around – in one form or another – since 2013.

Having built the Ardor Platform from the ground up, there is nobody more qualified to take on the development, migration and management of the Triffic Childchain.

The GPS Token child chain is expected to be launched in Q3 2020 and will contain the following features, some of which will be used in the Triffic app, whilst others will be spun off into separate apps that support the GPS Token ecosystem:

Child Chain Control
Child Chain Control is a feature that introduces permissioning to the Ardor multichain platform. It manages authorization levels of users on child chains. When operating on the chain that has permissioning policy enabled users can be restricted from performing certain chain transactions – like the ability to create unauthorised assets.

Enhanced Decentralized Exchange (DEx)
Using a combination of the Ardor Asset Exchange, Coin Exchange, Monetary System and Changelly Integration to enable GPS Tokens to become the underlying base token for a new class of assets that have been created by partnering with brands and corporations.

Blockchain Notarization
By slightly modifying a feature called Data Cloud, it will be possible to timestamp documents to provide a permanent record of anything from legal contracts to audio and video.

Gig Economy
Using a slightly modified version of the Marketplace feature, it will be possible for Triffic Users to provide jobs and services to users in their local vicinity and accept payment in GPS Tokens.