Triffic Is Raising Funds For WHO Covid-19 Response

March 26th, 2020

At its heart, Triffic is an app that rewards people for moving about and exploring. So when a global pandemic causes the world to lock down, it means that people are unable to do this. And that’s why we’re turning a negative into a positive by allowing people to raise money for the WHO Covid-19 Response fund, directly from their own homes.

Starting from today, we are using our powerful platform to airdrop thousands of augmented reality face masks, hand sanitizers and toilet rolls directly to our users locations.

To ensure that money raised is not subject to market fluctuations, we have agreed to set the price of GPS Tokens at $0.0166 (the price as of 6pm last night). Items are worth between 0.5 GPS and 20 GPS, meaning that Triffic Beta users contribute up to $0.33 for each item found.

“Triffic makes it so easy to raise money for good causes.” said James Malach, CEO, “We will eventually extend this functionality to allow anyone to create their own fundraising campaigns on our platform.”

The fundraising will continue throughout the month of April.