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EIT Urban Mobility Presentation – Using Triffic To Revitalize The High Street

Last week, founder/CEO James Malach presented Triffic to EIT Urban Mobility about how we are using blockchain technology and augmented […]

Triffic To Present At MobilityTalks

On 9 July, Triffic founder/CEO James Malach we will be presenting Triffic as an example of a blockchain-based use case […]

Triffic Is Raising Funds For WHO Covid-19 Response

At its heart, Triffic is an app that rewards people for moving about and exploring. So when a global pandemic […]

Our Beta Usage Stats Have Blown Us Away

The following statistics are based on our current beta testing program and we are aware that any conclusions and extrapolations […]

Looking Back…

Triffic has been in development for nearly four years and, during this time, the app has gone through various iterations […]

Three Cool DApps You’ve Probably Missed Out On

Triffic has had a nice write-up in The Bitcoin News where we are included as one of three cool DApps […]

Is The Triffic CEO Beta Testing The App?

Could this be the #Triffic CEO testing out all the new, massively enhanced #AugmentedReality features of next weeks big beta […]

Why Triffic Uses Ardor Blockchain Technology

One of the main reasons why so many blockchain-based projects have failed is because the projects tend to spend a […]

New Gold, Silver And Bronze Reward Beacons

The latest beta release of Triffic introduces a way for users to differentiate between high and low value reward beacons. […]

Using Triffic To Drive Real People To Real, Physical Locations

One of the main issues that physical businesses face with online marketing is that current solutions are all geared towards […]