We are proud to be able to reward people for their continued usage of the Triffic App, and that's why we send regular payments to your blockchain wallet.

Of course, there is no such thing as ‘free money’ – and companies that offer this should be viewed with deep suspicion. The way we work out our Activity Rewards is by using three metrics.


This is based on an algorithm which includes the users current levels for moving about, beacon hunting, and power-ups.


This is based on the number of GPS Tokens that the user holds in their blockchain wallet. This balance does not apply to in-app tokens!

There are five tiers of wallet balance, which represent a multiplier. In order to start receiving rewards, the user needs to have a minimum of 100 GPS. The tiers are as follows:

  • Tier 1 100 – 999 GPS
  • Tier 2 1,000 – 49,999 GPS
  • Tier 3 50,000 – 249,999 GPS
  • Tier 4 250,000 – 999,999 GPS
  • Tier 5 1,000,000+ GPS

The tier applies a multiplier to the user’s base score, meaning that a Tier 1 user would receive 1x the reward, whereas a Tier 5 user would receive 5x the amount.


There are 3 Engagement Tiers, each of which applies a further modifier to the user’s score. These are derived from the user’s day to day engagement within the app. Users need to reach Engagement Tier 1 to receive a bonus. The Engagement Tier is a moving average, based on the overall user activity per day across our entire user base.

The tiers are as follows:

  • No Bonus (Bottom 50%)
  • Tier 1 (25%)
  • Tier 2 (15%)
  • Tier 3 (10%)

This means the the bottom 50% of the daily app users would not receive any bonus tokens at all, users who fall within the top 50% of our users would receive 1x, the top 25% would receive 2x, and the top 10% would receive a 3x bonus.