What Are Triffic Miles?

What Are Triffic Miles?

They are Triffic's in-app reward token, and they can be exchanged to blockchain-secured GPS Tokens, or used in the app to purchase plots of land, and start earning revenues. You earn Triffic Miles in the following ways.

Walkers, Runners, Cyclists and Even Car Drivers Can Earn Triffic Miles. In fact, if you need to move for any reason at all, then Triffic will reward and incentivize you.

Whenever you move about - whether that's by walking, running, cycling, and even driving, you'll earn GPS Tokens.

Requiring zero lifestyle changes, Triffic rewards you for living your day-to-day life. Get rewarded for walking the dog. Get rewarded for driving to the shops, or to work. Get rewarded every single time you move!

It's a great way to motivate people to exercise and stay healthy, while at the same time, more casual users can still join in the fun.

How Does It Work?

Triffic uses a powerful and unique algorithm to reward users for moving about. We call it 'Proof-of-Effort', and the main concept behind it is that you get rewarded for the amount of effort you put into using the Triffic App. Or, to put it succinctly, somebody who has run one kilometer will receive a higher reward than somebody who has driven the same distance.


Find Triffic Miles In Realistic Augmented Reality Reward Beacons

When the user is near to a beacon, the view switches to detection mode, whereupon the user can search and claim the contents.

Remember the fun and excitement you felt when you played Pokémon Go for the first time? Now imagine that instead of cute little monsters, you’re collecting real rewards that can be redeemed in your local area.

That's Triffic.

Triffic users find that their local area suddenly, and seamlessly, becomes an augmented reality game-board with new surprises to be found around every corner. Previously mundane tasks like driving to work, or walking the dog are turned into quests that reward each user precisely based on the amount of effort they use.

Lots Of Exciting Beacon Types ;o)

Some beacons contain treasure chests bursting at the seams with Triffic Miles, other beacons contain exciting offers from businesses and services in your local community. Some beacons contain special power-ups that aid your quest to earn rewards, and there are even mystery beacons that need to be unlocked.

We are always adding new types of beacon, and you can even create your own. All of them are shown in fully-immersive 3D augmented reality that blends in perfectly with the surrounding environment.