GPS Tokens are the cryptocurrency that gamifies the Triffic platform

In the same way that games like World of Warcraft, Second Life and Fortnite have functioning economies, GPS Tokens power the open-ended world of Triffic. Triffic lets you gamify your life, and GPS Tokens are the reward you get for walking, cycling, driving about, fulfilling quests, finding treasure and more.

As well as being tradeable on Stex, GPS Tokens can be purchased on the Ardor Decentralized Asset Exchange by searching for Asset ID 3123987739214429747. If you plan on buying GPS Tokens via the Ardor Decentralized Exchange, please ensure that you are not buying a fake asset!

1 No Investment Required

GPS Tokens don't require users to invest any of their own cash as they are distributed inside the Triffic app.

2 Regular Bonus Payments

GPS Token holders receive a proportional share of 50% of video advertising revenue direct to their in-app wallets several times each month.

3 Acquisition Is Easy

As long as you have the ability to move, you have the ability to get GPS Tokens. There is no simpler way to acquire cryptocurrency.

4 Easily Exchange For Bitcoin Or Ethereum

GPS Tokens are currently traded on Stex and the Ardor Decentralized Exchange, (Asset ID: 3123987739214429747), and they will appear on more exchanges as the Triffic App becomes more popular.

5 Promote Your Busines Or Service (Coming Soon)

Whereas traditional forms of online advertising tend to concentrate on clicks to websites, business owners and service providers can use Triffic and GPS Tokens to drive real, physical customers to their locations and venues.

How Do GPS Tokens Get Their Value?