Reward Beacons Can Contain Anything From GPS Tokens To Power-Ups

There are millions of Triffic Reward Beacons around the globe. Some contain caches of GPS Tokens, while some contain offers or special power-ups. When you get into the vicinity of a Reward Beacon, you can switch to detection mode and search for it using augmented reality.

Gold/Silver/Bronze Reward Beacons

Gold beacons are ultra rare, and that's because they contain huge amounts of GPS Tokens. If you see one of these on your map, make sure you grab it before someone else does.

Mystery Beacon

Mystery beacons can contain anything from a high-worth Gold Reward to a power-up. The one thing they have in common is that you need to watch a short video advert to reveal the contents.

Special Offer Beacon (Coming Soon)

Triffic offers a unique alternative to traditional online marketing by making it easy for businesses and service providers to entice real, local customers through their doors.

Side-Quest Beacon (Coming Soon)

Every so often, the relaxing, idle gameplay of Triffic is interrupted by an optional quest that offers GPS Token treasure upon completion. Meet a motley crew of characters and get rewarded each time you make a new friend.

Power-Up Beacon (Coming Soon)

Power-ups give a variety of temporary boosting properties to your ability to acquire GPS Tokens. Users can double or triple their fuel levels, reveal every mystery beacon in their vicinity, double their catchment radius and more.

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