Partner Beacons

Q2, 2022Coming Soon

Partner Beacons

Triffic Partner Beacons are a way for larger brands and businesses to promote their message to a targeted global audience.

Triffic Partner Beacons are totally customized to fit your brand requirements.

Whereas Incentive Beacons are perfect for smaller establishments that rely on customers from their local catchment area, Partner Beacons are for businesses, brands and services that need more widespread coverage.

Laser-Focused Location Marketing

Whilst Incentive Beacons are randomly placed around an area, Partner Beacons offer pinpoint accuracy, anywhere in the world, making it possible to take your message to the crowds.

Imagine being able to promote your sports brand to tens of thousands of people at a football match, or think about the number of people who visit arenas to watch their favourite bands perform - and then imagine being able to let them know about your music.

The possibilities are endless.

Total Customization

Partner Beacons can be customized to the requirements of your business, meaning that your brand can appear just as it's supposed to be - in stunning and engaging augmented reality, ready for our users to interact with.