The More You Use Triffic, The Faster You Acquire GPS Tokens

Triffic employs a unique levelling system that rewards users by exponentially increasing their ability to acquire GPS Tokens the more they use the app. Users are scored on three 'disciplines' (Moving About, Beacon Hunting and Token Collection) to work out the rate which they can acquire GPS Tokens when compared to a brand new user.


Use the gauges to find out how different levels will affect your Multiplier.

Moving About - Level
Beacon Hunting - Level
Token Collection - Level

As you level up, your Multiplier will increase. In this example, the X means that user acquires GPS Tokens at times the rate of a new user.

Moving About

Triffic rewards you for moving about, and our unique 'Proof Of Effort' algorithm means that somebody who walks for one kilometer will be rewarded with more GPS Tokens than someone who has driven the same distance.

Beacon Hunting

The more reward beacons you find, the higher your Beacon Hunting level will go.

Token Collection

As long as you have the ability to move, you have the ability to get GPS Tokens. There is no simpler way to acquire cryptocurrency.