From Novice To Expert In Minutes, Triffic Is Fun And Easy To Learn

After logging into Triffic, you will see a screen that looks like this. It is called the 'Map View' and is where most of the action happens. The following key guide explains all the functionality.

GPS Token Balance

This is the number of in-app GPS Tokens you have acquired. When you have fuel, this will go up whenever you walk, cycle or drive around.

Catchment Radius (Coming Soon)

Your Catchment Radius (eg 15 Metres) shows how far from a beacon you need to be before you can activate detection mode and claim it. More experienced users get a bigger Catchment Radius, meaning that they can access Reward Beacons which might be inaccessible to lower level users.

Level Gauges

As well as showing your current level for Moving About, Beacon Hunting and Token Collection, the green circle around the number shows how close you are to levelling up.

Refuel Button

In order to acquire GPS Tokens for moving about, you need to make sure you have fuel, and clicking this button will award you with a few minutes of free fuel each time you watch a short video advert.

When you have fuel, this button will change to a timer which counts down the time you have left until you run out of fuel. You can get as much fuel as you like by watching video adverts.

Learn About Reward Beacons