Triffic Rewards Users For Sharing Some Non-Identifiable Information
(Coming Soon)

Data protection is a huge issue that affects all of us. Companies like Facebook and Google make money by selling data about their users. Until now, the user was never compensated. Triffic's unique gamification changes all that.

Triffic Users Are Rewarded For Their Data

In a completely optional choice, the user can decide to share non-identifiable data about their account usage in return for two permanent account power-ups.

+50% Base Fuel Time Increase

While normal users receive 10 minutes of fuel time for each advert they watch, users who have opted-in receive 15 minutes for each video advert. A real time saver.

+50% Base Catchment Radius Increase

Normal users start off with a ten meter Catchment Radius - something that can be problematical for those seemingly inaccessible Reward Beacons. Users who have opted in, start with a base radius of fifteen metres, allowing a wider net to be cast.

Development Roadmap