Own/Rent Virtual Land

Q1, 2022Coming Soon

Own/Rent Virtual Land

Users can rent, or buy, land on the Triffic Map and, unlike land in the real world, everybody has an equal chance of earning revenue from their own virtual real estate.

Step 1

Choose to rent (leasehold), or buy (freehold).

Just like in real life, freeholders own their land outright, whereas leaseholders pay a regular rental fee. Leaseholds are purchased with Triffic Miles, and Freeholds need to be purchased with GPS Tokens with the GPS Pay app.

10% of all listing fees within land boundaries
100% of all listing fees within land boundaries
1% of all Reward Beacons claimed within land boundaries
10% of all Reward Beacons claimed within land boundaries
Triffic Miles
GPS Tokens
Via the Triffic App
Requires GPS Pay
Recurring until cancelled by the user
Once only
Non-Fungible Token (NFT) stored on GPS Token blockchain and viewable in GPS Pay App
Can be sold via the NFT Virtual Land Market in the GPS Pay App
Step 2

Select the land you want to acquire.

We've divided the world into 250m x 250m hexagons, and selecting your land is as simple as clicking on them. The leasehold price, and the freehold price is calculated in real-time as a monthly payment in Triffic Miles, and a one-off payment in GPS Tokens.

After the user has selected their land, they are sent to the payment page, where they can decide their method of payment. Leaseholders are given a choice between monthly payment, and discounted quarterly and annual options. Because all freehold land is stored as a non-fungible token (NFT), and registered on the GPS Token blockchain, the GPS Pay App is required to complete the purchase.

Learn more about Freehold NFT At GPSPay.App
Step 3

Manage your virtual land plots

Whenever you rent or purchase virtual land, it will appear in the land manager dashboard, which provides an at-a-glance overview of your land plots.

Clicking on a land plot will bring you to the page, which lets you easily rename it, plus also showing the average daily revenue in Triffic Miles that it brings in. If a plot of land is owned as a freehold, then the user also has the option to view further details, and even sell it via the NFT Virtual Land Market on the GPS Pay App.

And that's all there is to it. Not only is owning or renting virtual land on the Triffic Map super simple, but it provides a turn-key opportunity to start earning real revenues for zero cash investment.