Get Rewarded With GPS Tokens For Testing Triffic

Our aim is to ensure that Triffic reaches its full potential, and to do this, we need the help of awesome people like you!

Apply for our Beta Testing program and earn tokens by reporting bugs in our generous Bug Bounty program while you collect tokens in the app.

All GPS Tokens that you earn during the beta testing period will be transferred into in-app GPS Tokens when the Triffic App is launched, and there are several ways to start accumulating.

Weekly GPS Token Prizes To Be Won!

As well as being able to keep all the GPS Tokens you collect during the beta stage, we're also awarding weekly GPS Token prizes to testers who have placed on our leaderboards.

Becoming a Triffic Beta Tester really gives you a head start in your quest for GPS Tokens.

Become A Triffic Beta Tester

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