Join The Triffic Android Beta And Start Acquiring GPS Tokens Before Everyone Else

Our aim is to ensure that Triffic reaches its full potential, and to do this, we need the help of awesome people like you! All GPS Tokens that you acquire during the beta testing period will be transferred into in-app GPS Tokens when the Triffic App is launched, and there are several ways to start accumulating.

Important Things To Understand Before You Join

When the Triffic App is launched to the public, it is understood that:

1. The in-app GPS Token balance you acquired during the beta period will be transferred over to a new Triffic account.

2. All levels you gained during the beta WILL NOT be transferred to your new Triffic account.

3. The augmented reality part of Triffic currently requires Android 7 and above, plus an AR enabled camera. Click here for a list of supported devices.

How To Join

Download the Early Access app on Google Play

Share your own Triffic Moments in our growing community on Slack.