Our Beta Usage Stats Have Blown Us Away

February 28th, 2020

The following statistics are based on our current beta testing program and we are aware that any conclusions and extrapolations made from this data could be different in a live environment.

Active Beta Users

Triffic averages about 100 logins per day from around the world and we are currently showing an average of 1,000 rewarded video adverts per day. This means that an average Triffic User sees 10 rewarded adverts each time they use the app.

Daily User Engagement

Triffic has a daily user engagement rate of over 35 minutes. According to Localytics, the average weekly user engagement rate for a typical app is less than 28 minutes.

This means that Triffic has nearly nine times the average user engagement rate.

In addition, an average of just over 300 Reward Beacons are collected every day, meaning that each active user collects about three Reward Beacons a day.

This means that people find hunting for Triffic Reward Beacons highly engaging and rewarding.

On an average day, the 100 active users travel a total average of 1,200 kilometers, meaning that each Triffic User uses the app for an average of twelve kilometers.